More from Grandma

I wish I had more time in the day to come up with thoughtful posts.

My grandma had vanity plates on her car…

act II

She chose those because Act II was always where the action was. You see she was a theater critic and playwright.

My dad turned up a set in her garage. I have no idea how old these are because CT got rid of the blue and white plates some time ago. My dad is thinking of bringing one to one of those bars with plates all over the walls.


What to weave next?

Should I weave dishtowels or another scarf from hand spun?

I like the star dishtowels form interweave, and I have blue, green, purple and white unmercinized cotton to make them with. I also have a weaving magazine that has several different twill dishtowels in it. (the name and location of said magazine escapes me right now.)

I also have a lovely selection of handspun to be woven up. I was thinking a birdseye twill would be simpler then the M’s and W’s pattern I used for this scarf.

handwoven scarf

I kept getting lost in the “treadling” (can you call it treadling when you’re using theh levers on a table loom?) I found some simple and pretty birds eye twills on

I have pink and black merino tencel with fairly long repeats


I also have this blue/purple superwash merino


There is another superwash merino with blues and yellows that is embarassingly still on the bobbin after several months.

The warp for all of them would be black merino tencel. (webs colrain lace) Now if I could do some of my geomentry homework I could pick one and start warping.

Dolls, dolls, dolls

My mom brought over theh 2 dolls I wanted from my grandma. One is the dream baby doll that I would play with when I was little.

I also have this doll. I forget its entire backstory, but my grandma has had it since she was little. I think it came from a world’s fair. Most of my pictures came out wacky, but this one was passable.


The back of her head is marked, so I should be able to find her on the internet.

Happy humpday

I took the plunge and signed up for the beekeeping class. I’m not entirely sure what I”m getting myself into as I’m not even sure where the bees will go. I have 2 spots in our yard picked out, but I’m nervous about annoying the neighbors. I also asked my dad if his club would mind hosting a hive. They have a huge amount of land and are surrounded by state forest.

I’ve been working on Evenstar. 4 rows last night, another 4 today. Something is looking off to me so I stopped where I was. I find it best to sleep on it before doing a rip or major tink back. I’m a slow knitter so going back a few rows is very annoying.


I found out about a top bar hive class in Trumbull CT. The price includes all the lumber and supplies to build a hive, and bees. The class itself covers building the hive, installing bees, and first inspection. The downside is that its pretty far from my house.


I’m really pretty smart… I swear

I spent about an hour tonight wrestling with a SWATCH because I was reading the k4tog on the chart as k3tog. That’s right an hour of tinking and reknitting on a 33 stitch swatch (that I’ve done once already) because I can’t read a chart.

The good news is my swatch is done and it seems to be the right size. That means I can start my Evenstar mystery shawl tomorrow.

Warping Class

Jenny and I headed up to Webs today to take their loom dressing class.  In an effort to do some of the things before I forget I set things up as they where in class on my loom without the warp.  If I can get enough school work in today I should be able to wind warp tomorrow and finish the process.

I stopped at target on my way home for notebook rings and shoe laces then spent a couple minutes setting things up.


My raddle is thin and made to go into my beater in place of the reed.  The only advantage I can see to this is that after you put the warp in the top of the raddle will be covered.  It seems more advantageous to tie onto my back beam and use rubber bands to keep the warp from popping out, so that is what I did.


I am actually going to move those sot hey are tied to the last shaft and not to the top of the castle. it should also be a lower, but it is a reminder for me to take that step when I go to warp.

Barbara also tied up her back apron rod to hang it for easy access. Things are so tight in my little loom that I don’t’ think I’ll be taking that step.